Tali Clarke is a director, editor, screenwriter, poet, and punk bassist and singer, currently focusing her work in documentary film, narrative and music video.  Born in London in 1985 into an artistic family, she soon found her innate passions lay within the arts, and finding both the beauty and darkness in all that surrounds us.

After exploring performance art, she began to refine her skills during a three-year Film & Television Production degree at the University of Westminster.  Upon graduating she embarked on a number of independent productions, as well as freelancing as assistant editor on several documentaries, and being commissioned as a music video writer and director.

She spent 2007 living and working as a conservationist on the Galapagos Islands and travelling all over South America, before travelling to Australia as the 2nd Editor on a travel and music documentary series. Whilst out there she also edited an arthouse documentary for a local band, and wrote, directed and edited a comedy for an installation at a cabaret show.

Tali is an impassioned and confident filmmaker who loves to explore both gritty realism and ominous fantasy, on a quest to capture the fleeting moments of perfection that present themselves to us every day.

She was the producer of Autumn Days, a Stonedog documentary about Punk music pioneer Mark Astronuat, directed by Matt Oaten. A prolific director of music and art videos, Tali was She was commissioned by Somerset House in 2011 to film the installation of Ai Wei Wei's Circle of Animals/Zodiac.