Michal Barylski is an experienced cinematographer, director, lighting designer, creative director and editor from Lodz, Poland. His work in Poland and in England has been diverse, ranging from commercials, documentaries, music videos  to live TV, including the London Fashion Week. 

After film studies at one of Poland's prestigious academies, Michal worked for TOYA TV as a camera operator, working on news and documentaries. He subsequently worked as creative director and camera operator at Antares Studio, Lodz. Between 2003 and 2006 he was production manager and camera operator at WW Studio in Warsaw, working on the Polish version of Deal or No Deal.

His documentary work includes Khadish, a documentary feature about survivors of the Lodz Ghetto and, more recently, a documentary about the Chinese New Year.

Michal's background in the taxing environments of commercials and theatre gives him a highly defined sense of aesthetics, complemented by his interest in history and literature. He has a keen mind for symbolism and soundscapes, especially classical music forms.

He currently works as a freelance cinematographer and director in London. He is the assigned cinematographer and lighting designer for three Stonedog productions in 2009: Joji Hirota video shoot (May 25), Aka's Solitude, a monologue by Ishmael Annobil, and a feature about parallel spheres of consciousness, which he is co-develping with his team mate Damien Kwasnik, his creative partner at Attyla Studio.