Damian Kwasnik is an experienced producer, editor, director, cameraman, colourist and motion graphics artist from Lodz, Poland. Before coming to London he worked in Polish Television, including PolsatTV, Lodz. He has worked for various TV stations in the UK, as a cameraman, editor, and animator. He has worked on all formats of TV and film production, including documentaries, short movies, animation and commercials. 


Damian was one of the cameramen on Stonedog’s epic Joji Hirota video shoot, at London’s Proud Camden, 2009. He was the principal editor and colourist of Stonedog's recent documentary Hornsleth: Product of Love, and he is also credited as the editor who finished of Kenji Yoshida: Artist of the Soul. Damian's editing technique is exceptionally clean, robust and punchy. A good director in his own right, his editing approach respects and delivers on the the director's vision and poetics, and he is able to underpin this with complementary colouring. 


As a director, he is given to historical fantasy, sci-fi, and post-apocalytic action genres. He is also a director of very poetic music videos, notable among which is his 2012 Confused piece for Polish rock band, Tune.


His portfolio includes Deal or No Deal, Londoners, London Fashion Week, and Come Dine With Me. He is currently developing two major documentary features with Stonedog Productions, and a poetic feature based on a Polish literary masterpiece.


His loves traveling in sunny climes.